How BCLC automated its QA process + focused on agent improvement

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation used to devote countless hours to auditing customer support phone calls and chats. And yet, they rarely discovered specific feedback that could help their team improve. 

Enter Tethr. Using Tethr to automatically conduct quality assurance, BCLC has been able to make significant strides in improving their overall experience with less manual work. 

Learn more about how BCLC automated QA to improve agent performance and reduce costs. 

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Discover how BCLC was able to achieve a...


in NPS scoring

↑7 pt

in CSAT score


in difficult calls.


in advocacy


in expectation setting

Download the BCLC case study now

“Our traditional way of conducting QA ended the minute we got Tethr. We were going to have to hire two more QA agents. We didn’t have to hire anyone.

The application has paid for itself three times over."

Martin Lampman, Director of Customer Support Operations at BCLC

Download the BCLC case study now