The complete toolkit to improve agent performance

Learn how to identify what optimal agent behavior looks like, how to coach to improve performance, and how to cultivate a team of top performers.

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Included in the kit:

Agent empowerment workbook + checklist

Agent response cheat sheet

Hiring guide

Job posting guide

Unlock your team’s potential with the ultimate coaching guide

If you want to cultivate a customer-centered company, you need a team of agents on the front lines eager and able to solve problems. How do you get there?

The Complete Toolkit to Improve Agent Performance includes everything you need to identify what behavior sets top performing agents apart and how to coach low performers into contact center superheroes. Discover steps to empower your agents and an agent response cheat sheet to equip agents with. 

And because building the best team starts with hiring, we've included a 3 step recruiting and hiring plan, a guide for making sure your job description attracts the right candidates, and a hiring checklist you can use in interviews to guide you towards hiring top performers. 

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Jumpstart your agent coaching and improve your contact center performance now.