The CSAT Survey on Trial: Rethinking Voice-of-the-Customer Insights

We're putting the CSAT survey on trial, and you're on the jury. CX Accelerator’s Nate Brown plays the defense, Neighborly Software’s Mary Drumond is the prosecutor, and Tethr’s Steve Trier is our expert witness. Glia’s Rick DeLisi presides over the trial and while he may not be a real judge, he is a pretty good judge of BS when he hears it.

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Should the traditional CSAT survey remain untouched or should you be combining survey data and predictive CSAT to inform your CX priorities and increase customer satisfaction? You be the jury and determine the verdict!

Here's what's on the docket...

  • Understand the benefits and limitations of traditional CSAT survey programs.
  • Discover how AI-powered predictive CSAT scoring can expand your access to voice-of-the-customer insights.
  • Learn how to augment surveys with predictive CSAT to identify and prioritize CX improvements.




Honorable Judge

Expert Witness

Mary Drumond
Nate Brown
Rick Delisi
Steve Trier-1

Mary Drummond
VP, Marketing
Neighborly Software

Nate Brown
CX Accelerator

Rick DeLisi
Author & Lead Research Analyst

Steve Trier
Chief Product Officer