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Tethr’s CSATai analyzes your customer conversations to give you a complete view of customer satisfaction–and what your business can do to impact it. Get a satisfaction score on 100% of customer conversations.

   Get Predictive CSAT scores using an AI
 language model 
Track CSAT trends in a customizable
  Eliminate survey bias and increase your
sample size to 100%
Identify the top factors impacting
customer satisfaction 


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Say goodbye to low-response CSAT surveys.

AI IconCSATai is trained on millions of CSAT surveys and their related interactions, enabling it to predict satisfaction based on what your customers say.

9Get a positive, negative, or neutral CSAT score for every customer conversation. Eliminate survey bias and increase your sample size to 100%.

11Use the customizable CSATai dashboard to monitor satisfaction and track trends. Gain voice of the customer insights like never before.  12Pinpoint the top factors affecting customer satisfaction so you can make impactful changes in your contact center. 

Gain a deeper understanding of customer satisfaction.

CSATai uses machine learning to predict each customer’s satisfaction score based on words used in their voice or chat interactions, allowing your business to learn from the voice of every customer.

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Top Reasons driving dissatisfied CSAT

Identify the factors impacting the customer experience.

Tethr lets you drill into conversations with negative or positive CSAT scores so you can uncover the factors that have the biggest influence on customer satisfaction and identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.

“Predictive CSAT uses data and past feedback to predict customer satisfaction levels. It helps the call center anticipate problems, offer personalized suggestions, and even anticipate returns or exchanges. This not only boosts the customer experience but also prevents negative reviews or returns, protecting the business's reputation and profits.”

-Arnel Deguito, Customer Experience Analyst