Your contact center has a repeat call problem

How AI can solve it

When a customer has to call multiple times to solve a problem, it not only increases customer frustration but can also cost your contact center tens of thousands of dollars.

The good news? You can discover what is driving these repeat contacts and resolve these issues with AI. Download the ebook now to learn how to identify and act on repeat call insights.


Download the ebook now:


Repeat call guide cover

Inside, learn...

  • How repeat calls damage your customer experience
  • How AI can uncover repeat calls you may otherwise miss
  • How you can find and address the top drivers of repeat calls
  • How to customize agent coaching to reduce repeat calls

"Unfortunately, your repeat call problem is bigger than you likely realize simply because your customers won’t always tell you when they’ve put in the extra effort to call multiple times. When running a repeat call analysis for one of our customers... there were almost 4 times more repeat calls than the business previously identified."