The Official Effortless Experience™ Book Club

Go beyond the pages with the author: Matt Dixon.

Most customers don’t want to be “wowed”; they want an effortless experience—a concept introduced in the acclaimed bestselling book The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty authored by Tethr's Matt Dixon.

We're now taking you one step further and connecting you directly to the experts: best-selling author Matt Dixon and Challenger's Effortless Experience Director, Scott Rothman.

Matt and Scott hosted interactive discussions focused on key topics and different chapters of the book. Watch the recorded discussions for exclusive insights from the Effortless Experience experts.

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Book club session topics:

Session Chapters to be covered
Session 1 Foreword, Introduction, and Chapter 1: The New Battleground for Customer Loyalty
Session 2 Chapter 2: Why Your Customers Don't Want to Talk to You
Session 3 Chapter 3: The Worst Question a Service Rep Can Ask
Session 4 Chapter 4: Just Because There's Nothing You Can Do Doesn't Mean There's Nothing You Can Do
Session 5 Chapter 5: To Get Control, You Have to Give Control 
Session 6 Chapter 6: The Disloyalty Detector—Customer Effort Score v2.0
and Chapter 7: Making Low Effort Stick