The Tactical Guide to Battling Fraudbots

Your customer chats are under attack from cybercriminals.

Learn how to detect it. 

Find out what makes fraudbots so dangerous, and how you can protect your customer data now.
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Inside, learn...

Why fraud risk is on the rise

How fraudbots operate and their main goals

Warning signs that you may be under attack

4 key ways to protect your company and customers

Is this a real customer or a fraudbot?

Cybercriminals create fraudbots to mimic people's natural speech patterns, making it nearly impossible to distinguish actual customers seeking support from attacks.

Your agents may not recognize a fraudbot until it is too late and they have already exposed confidential customer data. 

In fact, one fraudbot we found was 47% successful in reopening closed customer accounts and stealing sensitive info.

Fraudbot Customer chat

Fraudbots by the numbers

83,000 attacks

carried out by 1 bot.

47% success

in reopening closed accounts.

1.8 million minutes

of wasted agent time. 

12.4 minutes

average chat time. 

$250,000 lost

in wasted agent time.